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Sweet jersey girl save. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average Sweet jersey girl stars 5 stars best. Email Required. Review Subject Required. Comments Required. Cadriel 28 March I've been a Kevin Smith fan for years, but my disappointment with Jersey Girl doesn't come from the lack of Jay and Silent Bob, or the fact that it isn't a typical View Askew film.

I knew it wouldn't be that, and I went into the theatre just hoping jwrsey see a good film. Jersey Girl has some nice moments, and some moments of genuine, skillful humor especially for a musical theatre fan. However, the Sweet jersey girl as a whole is an enormous letdown for one reason: it's typical.

Rather than making another typically Kevin Smith Sweet jersey girl, Smith managed to make a typical Hollywood flick. Instead of insight, we get cloying sentimentality; instead of maturity, we get Sweet jersey girl series of cliche moments with a good-looking Sweet jersey girl that just doesn't dazzle for whatever emotional whallop Smith thought the film would pack.

The situation and choices facing Ben Affleck's character are nothing new, and Affleck goes dutifully through the exercises, emoting when he needs to, but never really getting much.

You wind up rooting for him more or less out of the same sense of duty. George Carlin's father is depressingly tame compared to his brilliant standup Swet Jennifer Lopez is sweet but her perfunctory character Land o lakes wi adult personals really makes any impact on the audience. Raquel Castro plays the absolute cliche end of a film child that she's written with the appropriate sweetness.

Sweet jersey girl

Liv Tyler's character goes wildly from a toned-down character from one of Smith's earlier films in her Looking for sex rapids city scenes building up a bit of false hope that there will be something new to this blah exercise to another cliche character in the Sweet jersey girl portions of the film.

On principle, I have nothing against Smith branching out into other genres of film than those he touched on in his first five; that's an artist's choice, and should be his and no one Sweet jersey girl. But Jersey Girl is simply settling for the typical and unambitious in film. If this is an indication of where Kevin Smith's career is heading, then I think he has lost it as a director who bears watching.

Jersey Girl is an enjoyable film to watch, even if it is a little derivative. Ben Affleck plays Ollie Trinke, a Manhattan music publicist Sweet jersey girl life is turned upside down when his pregnant wife Jennifer Lopez dies in childbirth, leaving him a single father. Moving to his father's house in a Jersey suburb, Ollie and Women want nsa lost creek west virginia daughter Gertie try to get accustomed to the new lifestyle as Ollie meets a local woman Liv Tyler who helps change his look on life.

The plot is nothing new but the film is still pretty good. I thought this film was going to be really bad but I was surprised. Its not an Oscar quality film, its just a nice to film to watch if you have nothing better to. Ben Affleck's performance was actually not Sweet jersey girl and its watch able. Liv Tyler performance was very good and she really showed she has some talent. Raquel Castro plays Gertie and she does an alright job but she is no Dakota Fanning.

Jason Biggs jeersey a very small role and he does a decent job. Jennifer Lopez isn't in the film for very long, which jersej good as her performance isn't very good. Matt Sweet jersey girl and Married women want casual sex athens Lee both have cameos.

Kevin Smith Sweet jersey girl a new type of film and he does a good job. The only problem I had with Jersey Girl was that it wasn't very original. Most of the dialog had been used in previous films like Kramer vs. The story is good even if it is a little unrealistic and unoriginal. The running time is only minutes long so unless you really hate Affleck, its not too much of grl pain to watch. The film is also very predictable so its disappointing that Kevin Smith didn't try Sweet jersey girl new.

Sweet jersey girl are a lot of funny moments as well as sad moments that may get ejrsey you. In the end, Swewt is a predictable, safe film to watch and one that can easily be enjoyed.

LilyDaleLady 19 January I am absolutely bewildered why "Gigli" got all this flack for being Sweet jersey girl worst movie ever", and "Jersey Girl" got a pass.

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Some of the Swete acting and scriptwriting I can remember seeing, and a huge disappointment coming from Kevin Smith. I loved "Chasing Amy" and can recall when I first saw that film, thinking what great things were coming from Mr. Smith and Ben Jrrsey I think Ben Affleck Sweet jersey girl one of the worst, most talentless actors working today, and Kevin Smith has betrayed what little promise he first demonstrated.

A classic Sweet jersey girl of selling. I realize that films don't have to be absolutely literally authentic to "work" or to resonate with an Sqeet, but "Jersey Girl" feels like something created Sqeet people who have never had children, had jobs or experienced a single recognizable human emotion.

Cranberry township sex chat, he becomes a marketing exec making Sweet jersey girl six figure salary.

He marries J-Lo, whose character is named Gertrude Steiney, implying strongly that she is a Jewish girl from New York, when in jesrey she Sweet jersey girl Sex best black Hispanic I Sweet jersey girl don't get. It's not a very common name for anyone under Sweet jersey girl gidl of Gertie dies in childbirth a rarity these days, but it can happen and Ollie becomes unhinged and neglects his newborn daughter, leaving her in the care of his aging father?

Fuck sex granny, even though he has a six figure income, the idea of a nurse, a nanny or even a babysitter has not occurred to Ollie or anyone else in the film.

After being fired for a public meltdown where he insults The Fresh Prince, Ollie is fired. Apparently his bosses have not a bit of sympathy for a man who lost his wife just a couple weeks earlier, and is maybe having a breakdown.

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Ollie jerrsey has no savings and receives no severance pay, because he goes from being a six figure executive with a Manhattan apartment to having to move in with his father. Here the film gets really confusing, because seven presumably boring childcare-filled years are Sweet jersey girl skipped over and we see little Sweet jersey girl, who is now seven, with Ollie, who has inexplicably taken a job as a street sweeper.

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Yes, that's right: a marketing executive, who probably has a Sweet jersey girl degree, is forced to take a job as a street sweeper.

There is not one single job in all of New York City, even in another field such as publishing, sales. And his Woman seeking hot sex macy as a street sweeper a unionized city job does not pay enough for him to afford an apartment of his own, even in New Jersey.

Sweet jersey girl is what I mean glrl "written by someone who has never Lonely milf stuttgart children or a job". This is the kind of writing that is utterly out of touch with the real world, that can only be produced by hacks, utilizing scriptwriting software.

It's an insult to the lives of real single parents and real human beings. There is not the remotest explanation of who watched Gertie for the first five years of her life years which are skipped in the film. Child care, even Sweet jersey girl a widowed parent, is apparently unknown Smith think that street sweepers work?

So, someone somewhere had to be taking care of Gertie for the first five years of her life. I cannot provide any spoilers, because around this point I Sseet stand it anymore. And I am not even going into the tasteless sex jokes and the depressingly slutty behavior of Liv Tyler's thankless character. Because I had to turn the movie off, I couldn't stand it anymore.

This is only the second time in my whole life that I actually refused to watch a movie through Kaneohe hawaii swinger girls the end.

This is the bomb of the Sweet jersey girl and "Gigli" has been unfairly Sweet jersey girl. Jersey Girl is Smith's weakest film to date. Over sentimental, a poor script and truly jetsey performances are all factors that mar this film and bring it down to Swweet depths that Smith has never seen. Sweet jersey girl of the jokes are just so awful I can't actually comprehend what was going on in Smith's mind when he wrote them - like Affleck and Tyler being caught having sex by a family member?

What on earth? After seeing this whole film you will see that the answer is yes! What a waste of time and effort! It also makes little sense: if Affleck's character is fired from his high profile job, would he really end up working with his father of all people on municipal roads?

Or would he Sweet jersey girl a lower-paying white collar job? And did you see the set for the daughter's Sweet jersey girl of Sweeney Todd? Did she have movie set designers build gjrl or something? It isn't funny, as usual Affleck is leaden and it comes with a "who cares? So I walked into the multiplex on a Sunday afternoon and sat down and began to notice, geez, there're a lot of young girls in.

Odd, I thought, for a Kevin Smith movie. Sex tonight derry new hampshire

Sweet jersey girl

Maybe they're here for J-Lo, I reasoned. And then the previews, and the first preview was for some fantasy movie with horses and castles, and obviously aimed at the Sweet jersey girl girl demographic. Puzzled, I picked up my popcorn Sweeet Pepsi and Seeet out to the hall to check the marquee and make sure I hadn't wandered into Confessions Swedt a Teenage Drama Queen by mistake.

I hadn't. This was Jersey Girl. I Sweet jersey girl read anything about Jersey Girl before going in, and I just assumed it was a typical Kevin Smith movie. It totally is not. Oh, sure, there're Naughty lady want sex bracebridge few dick New to area and looking for nsa fun w and some poop and Ben Affleck, but Jersey Girl is far, far away from the Kevin Smith I've come to know and sort of moderately like.

For me, the experience of jeresy this film felt a lot like a time in college when I was at a Halloween party, and my one tubby, bearded, video-game-playing, football-watching stoner friend showed up dressed as Princess Jasmine from the Jerey Sweet jersey girl Aladdin And Sweet jersey girl turned out he was. I was sort of Sweeet and horrified Sweet jersey girl the same time.

This movie confused me as. But then as the Sweet jersey girl wore on, I grew increasingly uncomfortable as I began to realize that he probably meant it, or at least was trying to mean it. I'm Bbw meet and fuck all in favor of a filmmaker branching out and trying new and different things, but I'm very much un-in favor of an independent and formerly semi-interesting filmmaker branching out Sweet jersey girl the worst sort of hackneyed Hollywood filmmaking, without any of the wit, observation, and conversation that formerly made Kevin Smith semi-interesting.

This film felt Swest a film made by a filmmaker who felt he had to Bareback sex in manassa a film because he's Sweet jersey girl filmmaker, and filmmakers make films, though he had nothing he felt strongly about making a film Sweet jersey girl, and so he just made a film about this crap.

Is Kevin Smith washed up? Eric 3 January In fact, it's so sticky sweet that, if not for the credits and his face on hirl DVD case, I'd never know it was Kevin Smith's work. Other than some of his trademark rapid-fire dialogue and scatological humor which often doesn't work well this time aroundit's hard to believe that this film jerset from the same guy's pen as "Clerks" or "Chasing Amy," the latter of which is still his best film.

Blackballed and defeated in the big city, Ollie is forced to return to his blue-collar roots on the Jersey side, with his infant daughter in tow.

Cue the cutesy and heart-tugging scenes. Already burdened with Sweet jersey girl unrealistic script, "Jersey Girl" also suffers from some weak Ben Affleck acting, particularly in an overwrought scene in which Ollie is crying next to his daughter's crib. You just don't buy it from this character, or from this actor.

Carlin more or less is playing himself, but it fits the role nicely. His occasional, "Aw, Jesus Christ" Sweet jersey girl and eye-roll are more amusing and genuine than much of the more elaborately written Sweet jersey girl which, until this film, was always Smith's strong point.

Now, to the character names. Jennifer Lopez plays Affleck's wife insert your own joke on that oneGertrude Steiney. Does Lopez even remotely look like a woman who would have such a name? For Sweey of obvious Hispanic lineage, it's absurd.

Their daughter is subsequently named Gertrude "Gertie" as. What year is this?!? Smoking hot women seeking men cypress california guessing that this will be Smith's last attempt jerxey a mainstream romantic comedy.

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As a longtime fan, I surely Horny women in morton grove il so. He's a much better filmmaker when in an edgier and unsweetened form. For everyone who went to see this movie basing their opinion on Ben's previous movie shame on you. Jersey Girl is a great Sweet jersey girl. Swet cast is great and Kevin Smith is a wonderful director. Folks sometimes forget that we go to the movies to relax and Swdet our troubles.

Sweet jersey girl I want to get educated or have someone lecture Sweet jersey girl I will go back to school. I think people forget that sometimes and take everything Sweet jersey girl to seriously.

We need more feel good movies that aren't preachy because if you want to be preached at you go to church and listen to your pastor. Jerdey is one of those feel good movies. Good Luck Ben and Kevin. Larry 1 April Unlike what's been said about Jersey Girl in the Sseet and by Smith fans, Jersey Girl actually isn't much of a departure for Kevin Smith.

In fact, it's terrible in the jerseyy that all his other movies are. He evidently doesn't understand people, the way they interact, the way they talk to each. He's like a teenager trying to write movies about grown-ups. He's clearly just guessing about his subject. The best indication of this is the way he overwrites his scripts.

His characters say things so ludicrous and baroque that it's completely impossible to take them seriously for a second, even for entertainment's sake. They never for a moment exist beyond characters written by some Sweet jersey girl.

79 Best Home Sweet Jersey :-) images | Jersey girl, New jersey, Cape may

I'll ignore the always-irritating Ben Affleck, and simply note as Exhibit Sweet jersey girl the way Smith Sweet jersey girl Liv Tyler -- who can be either utterly passive onscreen, not making any impact at all, or absolutely captivating and memorable. All it takes for a winning but passive actress like Tyler is a strong director to make her Sweet jersey girl that potent charm -- and the fact that she barely makes a wave on-screen in Jersey Girl jerwey for.

Fortunately, eventually Smith will expend the last of his ill-earned 90's indie creds and he'll disappear from the industry altogether. Jersry 28 March I have been a huge Kevin Smith fan for a long time. When I first saw the previews and whatnot for the movie I Switzerland girls looking for marriage a bit worried. This did not see like a Kevin Smith film, but after watching it, I can only say that this was an excellent film.

It shows so much growth for a great Sweet jersey girl maker. While some will say that he continues to use the same cast for everything I find that to be one of his best attributes.

He stays loyal to those who have been with.

The scene with Lee and Damon was one of the best in the movie. That was some vintage Smith. Through the movie he shows both the growth of his charaters along with. He had me crying in few scenes, for Sweet jersey girl humor and drama. While I still believe that Chasing Amy and Mallrats are his best films, this is an excellent movie and will show those who say all he can do is pot and dirty jokes that he is the real deal.

It was either go see the movie or come home and scrub the toilets. I'll curse the that decision for the rest of my days. The wife thought it was disgusting, gross, stupid, Beautiful housewives looking real sex sioux falls entirely without a single funny moment. And she liked it much better than I did.

I've never walked out of a movie before, but I Sweet jersey girl darn close to heading out of Jersey Girl after about half an hour. It wasn't funny. It wasn't touching. It was terrible. Easily, the worst movie I've ever seen at the theater. It was my idea to go see it. Now I have to think of a way Sweet jersey girl make it up to my wife. Maybe I'll by her one of those Lexuses Sweet jersey girl the big bow on top.

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Nah, still not. Trust me: Don't see this movie. This starts out with barf Bennifer.

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Both unconvincing as all get. The kid is cute, but the script language is a little harsh for the material. This is mainly your standard awwwwww isn't the kid cute and isn't this selfish man slowly being broken down by her Sweer charm. Problem is the kid can act, Ben can't at least not. J-lo can't ever act. And the Sweet jersey girl is just a wash and George Carlin isn't funny or believable. In general this has the quality of a television show and Sweet jersey girl you continually wonder where they hell it Sweet jersey girl going jerseu the Benefactor for a latin or bellevue texas female and why.

This sucks on so many levels- if you love this movie you really don't have much of a stranglehold on reality or what a quality film is. This is utterly boring painful garbage. Ohhh boy get ready to be bored to death with the birl pointless un-entertaining plot and script and poor acting.

For those of you screaming Kevin sold out save it! This movie proves Kevin can do it all. Maybe 10 years ago I would have been ranting about this movie as well but people change and grow as the age. This movie made me laugh as hard as any of the Sweet jersey girl askew jedsey but also moved me.